Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to build a Good Customer Relationship:

  1. Be polite but conversational.
  2. Know your customer
  3. Know their needs
  4. Stay in regular contact with customers
  5. Handle customer complaints in good manner
  6. Always Give high priority to them
  7. Build Trust with customers
  8. Be honest with them
  9. Provide Best Quality Products
  10. Build a good relationship with customers rather than business minded
  11. Keep a Smile in your face while speaking with clients
  12. Always concentrate on Customer satisfaction

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tools Used :

Front end
  • ·         Photoshop
  • ·         Dream Viewer
  • ·         Adobe Illustrator

  • ·         My SQL
  • ·         Ms SQL
  • ·         Oracle

  • ·         CSS 3
  • ·         HTML 5
  • ·         PHP
  • ·         C#
  • ·
  • ·         Nodejs
  • ·         Jegoshop
  • ·         Phone Gap
  • ·         Prestashop
  • ·         Javascript
  • ·         Android

Why You choose Mentor Performance :

  •   We are Affordable
  •   Our team work results excellence
  •  Meet up your requirements completely
  •  We offer everything needed to attain your business online
  •  We carry our best ideas by listening to your requirements
  •  You will be extremely comfortable with us
  •  100 % support after delivery
  •  We are fully persistent on Results
  •     Agile Development Methodology

The Agile movement proposes alternatives to traditional project management. 

Agile approaches are typically used in software development to help businesses respond to unpredictability.

Agile development helps to build a right product. Instead of committing to market a piece of software that hasn't been written yet, agile empowers teams to continuously re plan their release to optimize its value throughout development, allowing them to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace

There are many differences in agile development model when compared to traditional models:

The agile model emphasizes on the fact that entire team should be a tightly integrated unit. This includes the developers, quality assurance, project management and the customer.

Frequent communication is one of the key factors that make this integration possible. Therefore, daily meetings are held in order to determine the day's work and dependencies.

Deliveries are short-term. Usually a delivery cycle ranges from one week to four weeks. These are commonly known as sprints.

Agile project teams follow open communication techniques and tools. These techniques and tools enable the team members (including the customer) to express their views and feedback openly and quickly. These comments are then taken into consideration when shaping the requirements and implementation of the software.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Website for e-Commerce and social media influences 

Website for e-Commerce has given the traditional companies much more opportunities in contacting customers more easily, implementing business to the new market, e-Commerce, increasing the profit, and gaining competitiveness. Even though lots of studies have given efforts to examine Website quality factors affecting e-Commerce success and measuring it. 

Here is something about for top successful social media activities for ecommerce websites

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Monday, July 21, 2014

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“We speak relations, not business”

Mentor Performance Rating Pvt. Ltd. is a company floated by MENTOR Associates.
Entering in to the 5th year of experience Mentor offers a range of services from consulting for process outsourcing to the implementation and management of outsourced operations.
Mentor will strive to build strong client relationships and emerge as a partner of first choice for strategic outsourcing, and the employer of choice for each of the geographies within which we operate.
Our team comprises more than 800 professionals across various regions.

Our Vision
Exploit the innovations in technology to bring the business and the people closer, round the world
Our Mission
We stand to utilize our expertise in composite areas of information technology to bring your business close to your customers. We deliver personalized service at its paramount value as measured by quality, cost and innovation. Our commitment is excellent results of uncompromising quality. We speak relations not business.
Our Strength
Our Business Insight makes us adept at balancing a client’s mid and long-term goals. We are enlightened throughout the way with our international business experience. Our preparation gives us the strength to suggest perceptive business solutions to our clients.
Team Approach

We believe that everyone in the team is equally responsible for the quality and success of the vision that we work for. Our work etiquette is all about “Finding solutions together”. Our close coordination and communication with client as a single team ensure the ideal solution for any type of requirement.

Mentor Performance Rating Pvt Ltd