Tuesday, November 25, 2014


This blog is dedicated to all those people who have heard of ERP a number of times, and must have attempted to understand it too, but still aren’t able to figure out what actually ERP is and why is it so much in demand.
Enterprise Resource Planning aka ERP in simple words is just a supporting tool to manage all functional transactions for operating an organization very effectively and efficiently through an electronic platform. It is an organization application that includes all the individual department functions of the enterprise into a single software application.
ERP maintains all records in centralized data store, this helps in easy access to the company’s transactions by the authorities. All the details will be at the fingertips of the authorities without wasting any second. Be it commercial or non-commercial transactions, all industry practices are merged in ERP to be executed.
Now let us move on to the benefits you and your organization will enjoy due to ERP.
1.    Easy Workflow
ERP ensures programmed and clear workflow from one department to another with smooth transition and faster achievement of process. ERP also ensure that all the activities and resources of inter-departments are maximum utilized and appropriately tracked.

2.    Transparency
The processes are completely transparent for the authorized personnel. ERP provides absolute visibility into the processes of various departments of an organization.

3.    Integrated Reporting
Since the ERP software used is only one and same across the organization for all the departments, maintaining the software becomes easier and doesn’t require extra software for each department. This reduces the cost and effort of the organization. ERP also provides integrated and single reporting system to be analyzed in real-time, across all the departments.

4.    Handles various models
ERP system consists of various modules like HRM, CRM, SCM, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Project Management, etc… ERP can also be extended to facilitate Business Intelligence functionalities. This will provide overall understanding on business process and pinpoint possible areas of issue or developments.

5.    Centralized System
ERP implements a database system on the backend to store all the data and statistics required, this allows centralized storage of all the data of an enterprise.   The security is high with the use of ERP system as centralized security policies can be applied to it. All the activities can be tracked and recorded.

In short, ERP means more efficiency, faster growth and a healthy work process. It is a best tool to manage globally distributed companies too.
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